Progressive, not aggressive skin care

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About Us

I absolutely love the skin care industry.I have been asked why the name Resplendence for this business. The answer to that is because when I think of my mother the word Resplendent comes to mind. She is of the utmost beauty and strength and continually impresses me. She has fought a very hard battle with cancer more than once among other battles mixed in-between. She is the ultimate warrior and my forever hero. Resplendence is my way of honoring the woman who has shown me what strength and perseverance truly is.

I have incorporated an amazing skin care line that is for everyone even those medically compromised because everyone deserves pampering every now and again.

Relaxing Environment

From the moment you walk in the door my focus is on your complete relaxation. I strive to enhance confidence in my clients with excellent skin care and allow them to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life.

Body Sculpting is 100% non-invasive, therefore there's no downtime. Fat cells are broken up and removed through the lymphatic system. It does not hurt. It's important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid putting the weight back on.